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Natural Woven Shades

Handmade from sustainable materials such as jute, bamboo, and renewable grasses, Vista Shades of Boerne Natural Shades are a great way to give a natural warmth and rich organic look to any space.

Control Types

Standard Cord Lift.jpeg

Cord Lift

Raised and lowered using a free-hanging cord, it’s a time-tested, affordable solution

Continuous-Loop Lift.jpeg

Continuous Loop Lift

Smooth operation with a consistent cord length which makes raising shades easier than ever; consider for large, heavy shades

Cordless Lift.jpeg


Simply pull up or down on the shade this popular, streamlined option eliminates the need for cords

Motorized Lift.jpeg

Motorized Lift

Convenient, safe control with the touch of a button is great for large or hard to reach shades

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